TVR Cerbera Model Guide

The TVR Cerbera is the quickest car TVR ever created, in this article we'll go through the different flavours they put to this amazing machine, from the brutal AJP 4.2, the slightly smoother AJP 4.5, the 'nicer-around-town' Speed Six, the lean 4.5 Lightweight and the pinnacle 4.5 Red Rose.

TVR Cerbera Buyers Guide

Buying a TVR Cerbera need not be a stressful, headache inducing experience. Like many cars of the same ilk, a TVR is an enthusiast's car, and because of this there are many examples that have (secretly) been given more love and attention than the owner's other half! Also, again luckily for us, problems with Cerberas are quite consistent across the range and thus have been well documented and are generally quite easy to spot.

Not only will this buyers guide show you how to avoid the pitfalls but also how to spot the best examples on the market. For the complete novice I have split the guide into two parts; the first explaining the different models, engines and options, and the second half detailing the problems and what to look for.

ECU Diagnostic Software

The ECU diagnostic software is a great tool in the Cerberas owner's belt. Not only is it vital for tasks such as setting the throttle pots, but it can help you diagnose sensor problems, tweak general rough running and also make yourself very really cool just by plugging a laptop into your car and seeing lots of data.