AJP8 Engine Torque Figures

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Main oil gallery bung: 20 ft lbs
Inner head studs into block: 25 ft lbs
Outer head studs into block: 15 ft lbs
Crank nose pinion: 80 ft lbs
Main bearing caps: 50 ft lbs
Big end bearing caps: 40 ft lbs
Alternator jackshaft to block: 20 ft lbs
Cylinder head bolts: 80 ft lbs (work from centre out)
Outer head studs: 35 ft lbs
Alternator bracket: 20 ft lbs
Alternator adjuster mounting bolts: 20 ft lbs
Water pump to block: 25 ft lbs
Water pump sprocket: 25 ft lbs
Pump side mounting bolt: 25 ft lbs
Sump capheads: 20 ft lbs
Timing cover: 20 ft lbs
Cam covers: 15 ft lbs
Half time gear pivot plate: 25 ft lbs
Idler pivot, 2 x blanking button heads, lower timing cover: 20 ft lbs
Air-con drive pulley: 80 ft lbs
Air -con pulley bolts x 4: 15 ft lbs
Throttle bodies to block: 20 ft lbs
Crank rear seal: 16 ft lbs
Flywheel: 60 ft lbs
Outer clutch sleeve x 4: 15 ft lbs
Clutch cover bolts: 25 ft lbs
Bellhousing to block: 50 ft lbs
Starter motor mounting bolts: 30 ft lbs
Gearbox to bellhousing: 50 ft lbs
Exhaust manifolds to cylinder heads: 25 ft lbs