ECU Diagnostic Software

New Diagnostic Software (.zip | 954Kb)

(yellow car background)

Old Diagnostic Software (.zip | 1,737Kb)

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Instructions for using the software (.doc | 124Kb)

(The instructions are for the Speed Six engine, but can be used for the AJP as well)

ECU Lead Wiring Diagram (.gif | 42Kb)

Note: According to Peppe

"Tried the newer software on my car yesterday. I had a error message coming up when i started the software that told me that one file was missing. Seems to be for just the ECU version(MBE94130116)that I have in my car.

If you copy and rename the file "9410035A.RTV" to "9410116A.RTV" the software works perfect even with a Cerb S6 that has an upgraded version of the ECU. It seems as the version i have on my ECU is the same as on newer S6. I saw in a topic that the same version of the ECU is in a Tuscan S conv from 2006, so it is probably the last ECU version for the S6 that left the factory.

Since my car is a 1999, i think my ECU was upgraded when the engine was rebuilt in aug 2005."