How To: Tappet Adjustment - Speed Six Engine

The tappet adjustment is service job done every 6000 miles or every year (whichever comes up first). It isn't a terribly hard job, but requires care, patience and accurate measuring equipment (micrometer).

How To: Remove the door card

Removing the door card is a very simple job, but one you'll probably have to do at some point during your Cerbera ownership, if you get problems with the window not dropping or winding up properly. You may also wish to change the door speakers, or have the door card re-trimmed or cleaned.

How To: Create your own replacement ARB bracket

The standard TVR Cerbera ARB brackets aren't known for being the sturdiest of fabrications. In this article, PistonHeads member Ireland shows you how to create your own replacement anti-roll bar brackets! In all it takes about 2 hours to make new ones up.

The new brackets are made from 3mm plate and leave more metal around the mounting lugs, making them more resistant to tearing apart again.

How To: Change the front brake discs

Keeping up with maintenance on your brakes is probably the most important job on any car. I always recommend you go through the procedure of removing the brake pads and discs every year. Even if you aren't changing them, the process of cleaning everything up and fitting it back together will ensure that everything is working in tiptop order all the time. Neglect your brakes and it can cost you a lot of extra money in the long run.

As you can see from the picture in this article, the build up of brake dust has caused one pad to seize, leaving the other pad to do all the work. This has meant that one pad and one side of the brake disc have worn down in double quick time, and now both must be replaced. Annoying as the other pad, and the other side of the disc have many more miles left in them.

How To: Replace the clutch

This fantastic how-to, by Mad Mark, on replacing your clutch makes the whole procedure seem positively simple. The actual job in itself isn't too difficult, and with this guide it will be a walk in the park!