How To: Create your own replacement ARB bracket

TVR Cerbera broken ARB bracket

The standard TVR Cerbera ARB brackets aren't known for being the sturdiest of fabrications. In this article, PistonHeads member Ireland shows you how to create your own replacement anti-roll bar brackets! In all it takes about 2 hours to make new ones up.

The new brackets are made from 3mm plate and leave more metal around the mounting lugs, making them more resistant to tearing apart again.

Always read these instructions thoroughly and completely before starting work. This will prevent the inevitable happening, when half way through you realise you haven't got the neccessary tool or part required to complete the job.

Credit to Ireland on PistonHeads

Tools required: 3mm plate, a saw, welder, bench vise, this diagram.

1. Cut the metal plate according to the diagram. It should then look like this.

ARB Bracket step 1


2. Bend along the dotted lines, then weld as per the photo.

TVR Cerbera ARB bracket step 2


3. Paint with your choice of metal protector and top coat. Here is what it will look like once fitted.

TVR Cerbera ARB Bracket fitted