How To: Replace the clutch

Always read these instructions thoroughly and completely before starting work. This will prevent the inevitable happening, when half way through you realise you haven't got the neccessary tool or part required to complete the job.
Removing the old clutch
1. Remove chassis cradle / exhaust and heatshield.
2. Tie a piece of rope, or similar, across the chassis, beneath the end of the propshaft. Undo propshaft from diff and rest it on the support. (This will keep the prop in a position so you don't have to remove it from the gearbox and lose the gearbox oil)

Removing the propshaft from Cerbera gearbox

3. Undo the gearbox support bracket. 4 bolts and 2 small heat shields. (17mm)
4. Using a jack and length of wood, raise the gearbox and remove the bracket.
5. Now carefully lower the box, and undo the 4 (13mm) bolts that hold the gearstick to gearbox. It might then help to tie gearstick up and out of the way. (I tied a piece of string from the gear knob to the rear view mirror)
Removing the gearlever
6. Mark up and remove the lambda sensors (17mm) and disconnect the reverse switch.
7. Undo the 4 Allen bolts (10mm) holding the gearbox to bellhousing.
8. Pull the gearbox away from the bellhousing and rest it on the exhausts. Use the jack and length of wood under the gearbox, to take the strain off the exhausts. (Below Left) Getting someone to put their foot on the clutch pedal will make it easier to manoeuvre the box away from the bellhousing.
Remove and support Cerbera gearbox Removing the hydraulic hoses from the gearbox
9. Remove the two hydraulic pipes attached to bellhousing, be ready to catch the clutch fluid that drains from the pipes. (Above right)
10. Disconnect the battery and remove the starter motor. (It’s a good idea to open windows and boot before disconnecting the battery)
11. Undo the 5 Allen bolts (8mm) and remove bellhousing from engine.
Remove the bellhousing Support the gearbox and bellhousing
12. Undo the 6 Allen bolts and remove clutch from flywheel.
Refitting the new clutch
1. Refit clutch assembly to flywheel. Making sure flywheel and clutch plates are kept clean. Tighten bolts progressively and evenly. A clutch alignment tool will be helpful, but if not available try to get the plates lined up and as even as possible. (25 FT LBS)
New Cerbera Clutch Refit the bellhousing
2. Refit bellhousing. (50 FT LBS)
3. Refit hydraulic clutch pipes, bleed clutch, and check for leaks and operation of slave cylinder.
4. Refit starter motor, and reconnect battery.
5. Refit the gearbox to the bellhousing. (50 FT LBS) This can be very tricky as there is very little clearance between the manifolds. Getting someone to put their foot on the clutch at this point can help greatly, as it frees up the clutch plates and gives a bit more flexibility moving the gearbox.
6. Reconnect reverse switch and lambda sensors. (Make sure the Lambda’s go back on the correct manifold) Fit the Lambda sensors finger tight, and then a further half turn.
7. Refit gearstick. But before you do, there is a nylon cup that sits in a recess in the gearbox where the gearstick locates, check that this is still in place. If it has fallen out it could prevent the gearstick from moving properly.
Cerbera gearlever nylon cup Checking for nylon cup in gearbox
8. Before refitting gearbox bracket raise the gearbox to the correct position and check operation of clutch and gearstick as best as possible. If all good then refit gearbox bracket and propshaft. (check manifold to chassis clearance, too close and it may cause a vibration when driving)
9. Refit heat shield, exhaust and chassis cradle.
Now go and drive your car. . . . . . . Mad Mark.